Family left with no internet after Panola County storms

Crowder, Miss. — Storms that swept through Panola county left one man and his family stressed during the quarantine.

Michael Rockwood said that ever since the storm came, he hasn’t been able to get internet service at his house.

All kinds of power lines are still down and tangled in trees in the Crowder Mississippi neighborhood.

It’s causing major problems for the kids because If they can’t get online, they can’t do their homework.

“Me and my sister, we can do any homework without it,” said Gus Rockwood.

Rockwood has reached out to his internet service provider multiple times, but he’s getting the same answer-- that the service will come back on in 24 hours.

He said he’s also concerned because not only are his kids unable to watch tv or use the internet they cant communicate with their friends, because of the coronavirus.

"Without the internet, we can’t even send emails and stuff, so we haven’t been in touch at all, " said Maddie Rockwood.

Micahel told FOX13, that the board games the family has played repeatedly are getting old, and this situation could make them feel isolated and depressed.

“Well I think right now my son owns the entire bank of monopoly, so I don’t know if we will ever be able to play again," said Mr.Rockwood, " He kind of ran everybody into the ground the other night when he started putting up hotels and stuff.

FOX13 reached out to Rockwoods internet provider for answers and we will update the story.