Family makes balloon art to raise spirits during COVID-19 pandemic

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Germantown man is using balloon art to make folks feel better during the pandemic and his creative designs are blowing up in popularity.

John Wetzel’s creations come to life in his front yard.

“I just love balloons. I really, really do,” said Wetzel.

He and his daughter Nora use their imagination to create.

“I just feel proud and excited that I am doing this, and it just makes me happy,” she said.

One masterpiece may take a couple of hours to complete but it’s the finished product that makes it all worth it.

“Some of them think they’re alive. They literally think the balloons are actually alive,” said John Wetzel.

Wetzel told FOX13 it’s just a hobby but since the pandemic, he’s been on a roll.

“My favorite one was a nurse wearing a little mask with nice curly hair,” he said. “That and Harry Potter were two of my favorites.”

Every week you can see a new design’s in the Wetzels’ yard.

“It’s something we know how to do, so why not put it on the corner for everybody to enjoy coming past. I little smile to brighten everyone’s day,” he said.

“I’m just really happy that everybody sees them,” said Nora Wetzel.

You can also check out the designs on Wetzel’s Facebook page and Instagram.