Family members give more details after a 3-year-old is shot in Mississippi

TUNICA, Miss. — A 3-year-old child is lucky to be alive after he was shot and injured during what family members have described as a fight in Tunica County.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Human Services are involved in the investigation.

As FOX13 found out, family members said they are just glad that 3-year-old Carlos Hillard is going to be okay.

Davarius Burt is Carlos Hillard’s stepfather, he showed us where the bullet stuck in the wall after it went straight through the boy’s back.

Burt said it all stemmed from a disagreement between his mom and her girlfriend.

“Well it was between my mom and her girlfriend and they got into a major argument and they were tussling over the gun and she shot Carlos in the back and it went into the wall too at the house,” Burt said.

The 3-year-old’s mother spoke to us on the phone from Le Bonheur Children’s hospital and told us the bullet passed just under the 3-year-old’s skin and then exited just before striking the wall. Fortunately, it didn’t do major damage and the child did not have to have surgery.

“Well the baby is doing good right now, he is happy and he is bouncing around and doing good, so I am glad that he is alright and glad he didn’t die or northing,” she said.

Family members told us the child will be placed in DHS custody while the investigation is continuing in the case.

“I just pray he comes home soon,” Burt said.

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Department told us they currently have a suspect in custody in the shooting and are booking them, we will bring a name to you as soon as we get it.