Family members say mother who stabbed 10-year-old daughter didn’t show any unusual signs before gruesome attack

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Relatives provided some answers about what happened before they say a Memphis mother stabbed her 10-year old daughter to death.

Family members of the woman accused of her daughter’s death told FOX13 they don’t know what led to the incident.

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It happened around 8:15 Friday evening at Huntington Hills Apartments.

That’s on Coach Drive in Raleigh. Family members are trying to make sense of this.

Loved ones placed a picture of 10-year-old Kamari Reed outside the home where they say her mother, Lawrencia Reed, stabbed her to death.

Family members told us the scene was so gruesome inside the home that they had to walk outside several times.

“If it wouldn’t have been for that neighbor that kicked that door in, she would have killed everybody in that house,” said a family member who does not want to be identified.

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Family members were cleaning out the home where relatives say 10-year-old Kamari Reed was stabbed to death by her mother Friday night.

Family members placed flowers and balloons outside the home.

They compared the scene to the massacre on Lester Street, one of the highest-profile cases in the city’s history.

“Kamari’s handprints on the wall, tub still got water with blood in it right now,” said a family member.

Neighbors told FOX13 Kamari used to play outside with their children all the time.

They say she had beautiful eyes that stood out just like her nice personality.

The family member said Kamari’s mother Lawrencia didn’t show any signs that would lead them to believe she was abusive.

“I asked her son, ‘How did your mama wake up feeling that day? How did the day start off?’ He was like, ‘Usual. My mama got up, told me good morning, fixed us some breakfast.’”

Relatives said the bathtub in the home was full of water, which they think could be a sign something wasn’t right.

“She wanted to put them in the tub and baptize them, and she told them she was baptizing them, the kid’s clothes, that’s what I told you a tub full of water. She told them she was going to heaven, she was going to baptize them.”

The Memphis Police Department said the mom has been undergoing a mental evaluation.