Family says missing man would not leave his children

WATCH: Family believes missing man is in danger

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This is very unusual. Very out of the ordinary and unusual for him.

A Memphis family formed its own search party today in hopes of finding its loved one.

The family said 37-year-old Timothy Sayles has been missing for week now— it said the information they know so far about his disappearance leads them to believe he could be in danger.

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FOX13 spoke with the man’s sister and found out what’s causing this family to believe something is wrong.

Most of us who have car keys and a cell phone, keep them nearby at all times.

Well, the family said when police found the man’s cell phone in one area and the car with the keys in the ignition without him.

That’s when it sent them red flags.

“Worst case scenario if he is out there and somebody has harmed him,” said Yolanda Sayles, his sister. “We still need closure.”

Sayles said her brother, Timothy Sayles was last seen on Dec. 3 in Frayser leaving a relative’s house after dropping off his son.

She said it’s when he never returned, the family began to worry.

“He was over my sister’s house and when he left there,” she said.

The next day he didn’t show up. He normally picks his children up, he has custody of one of his kids and he normally takes him to school every day.

“When he didn’t show up, my sister called me because she was concern because he never has never really did anything like that,” she said.

On Dec. 4, Timothy’s family filed a missing person’s report with the Memphis Police Department.

“They put the dogs out and they really do their own kind of investigation,” she said.

She said Timothy’s cell phone was found near the express way off Jackson and turned into the police. Officers also located his car near Eldridge and Trezevent, with the keys still inside his red Toyota Camry.

Because Sayles said Timothy could be anywhere and they’re desperate to find him.

“We have been out here passing out flyers, knocking on door and doing our own little search parties,” she said. “If anybody have any information, they can tell us, this is our baby brother.”

“It’s hurtful,” she said. “This is our loved one. People have been calling me and been saying he really don’t bother anybody.”

“He fixes cars and he will help anybody. His kids and son are scared. They want to know where they daddy is at because he is a father, he is a brother and he is a son.”

If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.