Family searching for answers, suspects & justice after 2 men killed while helping stranded motorist

WATCH: Family searching for answers, suspects & justice after 2 men killed while helping stranded motorist

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is searching for answers, suspects, and justice after two good Samaritans were killed after helping a stranded motorist.

On December 26, 42-year-old Duwarn Glover and 50-year-old Willie Sanders stopped near the intersection of Redbud Road and West Mitchell Road to help a driver whose car had broken down.

“They saw him stopped in the middle of the street, and they got out to help him. They actually got him up and running and were going back to their car,” Letitia Frieson, a cousin of Duwarn Glover told FOX13.

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That’s when a car hit both men knocking them into the turning lane. Memphis Police say when they tried to stand up with their injuries, they were hit a second time by another car.

“The second car was the end that killed both of them, but it was other vehicles that ran over them after that,” Frieson said. “We had a Ring video sent to us where there were just cars running over them. How do you just keep running over something when you’ve possibly been in the area and know there’s not a speedbump there?”

Glover leaves behind seven children and two grandchildren.

Memphis Police say their investigation found a brown Chevy Malibu initially hit both victims. Then a Chevy Tahoe hit them in the turning lane. Both vehicles left the scene.

“Just admit what you did. This would mean a lot to our family and my aunt especially to have some type of justice for her son,” said Frieson. “It was a senseless killing.”

FOX13 tried to find Sanders’s family but haven’t been able to track them down.

“We just want closure for our families,” Frieson said. “We just want to heal because it’s hard. It’s hard now but imagine next Christmas how hard it’s going to be.”

Police said there have been no updates on either of the drivers wanted in the crash.

They’re asking anyone with information to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH to possibly get some answers for these families.