Family speaks out after 13-year-old killed crossing the street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cell phone video is casting a new light on a very dark investigation.

The video appears to show that 13-year-old Tai’ana Stribling was in a crosswalk and that has completely changed the investigation into the pedestrian accident that killed her.

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The teen’s mother asked that we aired it to show what she said investigators missed on the scene that day.

The cell phone video starts with three kids walking down the sidewalk of Castleman Street and approaching Winchester Road.

But you have to pay close attention to the top of the screen.

You can see another student enter the intersection ahead of those three.

Tai’ana’s family told us, that’s her.

She begins to run, then, as a white truck speeds through Tai’ana disappears.

“You shouldn’t have been behind the wheel,” said Jamika Stribling, her mother. “Get you a skateboard baby. Get you some rollerblades baby. Get you a bike.”

Jamika Stribling is talking to the man police said was the driver of that white truck.

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Police have charged 34-year-old Luciano Ramirez Perez with driving without a license and insurance.

There were no felony charges originally filed because on Thursday officers said Tai’ana was not in the crosswalk.

“And you knocked her **** down the block,” her mother said. “Almost 200 feet. And made it seem like that was where she was crossing at. No baby. That’s where you knocked her to.”

“And he was going like 60 miles per hour. And there’s nothing charged to him. Nothing is rectified about my daughter. And she is gone. She is gone,” she said.

But that could change.

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There is now a warrant out for the arrest of Perez after the video, which seems to show Tai’ana in the crosswalk, was passed on to investigators.

“What did we do wrong?” she said. “I went to work. She went to school. She didn’t make it.”

“God will take care of him. Because I’m not fixin’ to sit here and throw a stone cause I don’t even have the energy to throw a stone right now. All I want to know is why you think this is acceptable,” Jamika Stribling said.

“Cause you at home with your children. And my daughter. My innocent baby didn’t make it.”

Just before sunset on Friday, Tai’ana’s family and her friends held a vigil at the intersection of Castleman and Winchester.

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The incident has been very hard on the Stribling family, especially her young brothers and sisters.

“She was jolly all the time,” the grandmother said. “I guess that’s how God made her, but she was a jolly person. She was fun to be around. It would be hard not to love her.”

The family also calls for better protections for students who cross Winchester at Castleman every day.