Family who weathered Hurricane Ida in Memphis has learned their home is unlivable

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A New Orleans family who came to Memphis to seek shelter from Hurricane Ida says they are still being advised to stay away from Louisiana.

How you can help support the victims of Hurricane Ida

That family just learned Friday that their home cannot be lived in.

That family came to Memphis during Hurricane Katrina, which hit 16 years to the day before Ida.

Like Katrina, Ida has ravaged southern Louisiana.

“Just a hop, skip, and a jump away, there were towns that were devastated,” said Lauren Davis.

When FOX13 first talked to Lauren Davis Tuesday, she and her family thought their home in New Orleans was in good standing, unlike many other homes.

“Many of Southeast Louisiana will unfortunately not be able to come back any time soon,” she said.

When FOX13 called Davis Thursday, she and her family learned the home they thought they could go back to is no longer livable.

It’s not the first time this family has experienced a setback.

“We lost our home in Katrina. Absolutely, four feet of water. We lived in a ranch home. You can imagine, there was really nothing to come back to. I don’t think I have anything from pre-Katrina,” she said.

There’s one lesson the Davis family learned from Katrina - a lesson that made it easier to prepare for Hurricane Ida.

“I definitely packed very important documents. When we evacuated from Katrina, we did not do that, so we’re fortunate to have all the essential documents that we need to rebuild,” said Davis.

The Davis family said they feel thankful that they had enough time to evacuate. They’re hopeful Louisiana will bounce back just like it did after Hurricane Katrina.