Family of woman found dead at ex-boyfriend’s home says police dropped the ball

HUGHES, Ark. — UPDATE 5/21/21: Preliminary results from the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s office show Robin Allmon died from an overdose.

St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May said suspect Maurice Winda stole a car from Hughes on Wednesday and was last seen in Jonesboro Friday morning.

May said a Jonesboro police officer pulled over a car with Winda and another Hughes man inside. Winda ran off while the other man stayed inside the car.

Sheriff May said Winda would most likely be charged with abuse of a corpse and stealing a car when he is taken into custody.


The family of a Hughes woman found dead, wrapped up in a blanket said the Hughes Police Department dropped the ball.

The family and St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May told FOX13 a Hughes police officer performed a welfare check inside the suspect’s home with the victim’s decomposing body inside.

ORIGINAL STORY: Woman found dead, wrapped in blanket with mattress covering body in Arkansas home, sheriff says

In fact, May said the officer should have known something was wrong just by the smell in the house.

“The odor of the decomposing body had to be obvious,” said May.

May said the Hughes police officer was with the suspect, Maurice Winda, when he searched his home for the victim early Monday morning.

He said no one called his department until that evening and that’s when the victim’s body was found.

May questions why police didn’t call for backup or smell the odor from the decomposing body in the house.

“You’d have to assume they didn’t want to acknowledge it, but any case it was pretty obvious,” said May.

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When St. Francis County deputies arrived hours later they found Robin Allmon dead, wrapped in a blanket with a mattress on top of her in her ex-boyfriend’s home.

“They didn’t want to go in the house, that’s why they called us but they gave us no knowledge that there had been any odor or if a body was indeed in the residence,” said May.

The daughter of the victim, Nancy Allman is horrified because she called Hughes Police Monday morning.

“One officer searched this house knowing good damn well he smelled something horrible, you can smell death especially if someone was there three or four days,” said Allman.

Allman said she wants the officer who performed the search fired.

She hopes investigators find Winda soon so her mother can finally have justice.

“I was taught growing up not to hate anyone, to strongly dislike them because hate is a strong word but as of Monday night I f*****g hate him,” said Allman.

FOX13 reached out to the mayor’s office and police chief for a comment on the Hughes police investigation.

On Wednesday, the mayor said he is not allowed to speak on the open investigation and didn’t respond to other questions about the Hughes Police Department’s search.