Family worries 18-year-old’s murder case going cold

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It has been 11 weeks since an 18-year-old man was shot and killed outside an east Memphis hotel.

Tylor Finnie’s family told FOX13, they’re worried Memphis Police have allowed this case to run cold.

Our Winnie Wright spoke to Finnie’s family exclusively when he was killed back in December.

She caught up with them again Saturday with why, this time of year, is particularly hard.

“This is where the incident happened with Tylor, where he was killed,” said Talisha Alexander, Finnie’s cousin.

We spoke with her outside the hotel where her cousin lost his life Dec. 8.

FOX13 protected her identity, out of respect for her fear that Finnie’s killer is still on the run.

Her son told her he and Finnie were at Embassy Suites that night to pick up some girls.

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The pair came out to the parking lot to hang out, when her son told her, a car started to circle them in the parking lot.

Her son told her Finnie got out of the car to ask the people in the car what was going on. That’s when he says the suspects shot Finnie, killing him.

Friday would have been Tylor Finnie’s 19 birthday.

“It was hard,” Alexander said. “It was hard.”

Alexander told us, since Finnie’s death, she and his mother have tried extensively to get ahold of MPD detectives for information on the case.

“I feel like they’re not giving us what we need,” she said. “As a matter of fact, a couple of days after the detectives got the case, he went on vacation, and had no one to look after the case.”

After the shooting, MPD reported the suspects were in a white Mercedes with tinted windows.

However, Alexander said, officers now tell her it was a 2018 Nissan Maxima.

“We lost a lot of time,” she said. “We could have been looking for this car instead of that car.”

Alexander said she understands Memphis Police are busy, and have a lot on their plates, but her family struggles without answers.

“A text message or call, letting us know they’re concerned about what we have going on or what’s going on, it would make a big difference,” Alexander said. “It would help calm or soothe the situation.”

FOX13 has made multiple attempts to get more information from MPD about this case.

We haven’t received a response.