Fans react to fraud allegations against former Grizzlies legend Tony Allen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Former Grizzlies legend Tony Allen is accused of fraud.

According to an indictment, Allen and 17 other former NBA players are charged with being involved in a four million dollar healthcare fraud scheme.

ORIGINAL STORY: Tony Allen, other former Memphis players among 18 charged in $4M NBA health care fraud scheme

“He was one of my favorites, man. Mr. Tony, Mr. Defense,” said fan Don Tyson.

The news was surprising for some of his biggest fans.

“Oh yeah, he was a good fella, enjoyed watching him play. Gosh, I hope this isn’t true,” said Tyson.

“I’m surprised because he’s a multi-millionaire,” said another fan Kennen Brooks.

Community leaders like Richard Graham were shocked too. He’s the executive director of the Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-up or JIFF.

It’s an organization offering intervention alternatives to juvenile detention.

Graham said Allen helped with their karaoke fundraising event for several years.

“Tony has a big heart for youth, especially youth that are trapped in the trauma and anxiety of growing up in the inner city with the challenges that they face,” said Graham.

Graham said Allen took the time to meet with the young people, making an impact on their lives.

He said despite Allen’s charges, he will remember him for his contributions to JIFF.

“All I know is that he was a great community partner not just for JIFF but other organizations around town,” said Graham.