Father, son arrested with ghost gun, Glock switches and drugs, authorities say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County father and son are in jail after investigators said they had drugs, guns and illegal devices that make guns even more dangerous.

And, the discovery all started with a USPS delivery.

”I like my city. I don’t want to worry about getting killed every time I leave the house,” said Deddrick Dupree of Memphis.

Dupree believes for that to happen Memphis needs more officers and some other help.

”Get a little few more of these guns off the street,” said Dupree.

That’s something the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said deputies achieved Monday. SCSO and the United States Postal Inspection Service delivered a package with more than five pounds of marijuana in it to a home in the 3100 block of Kingsgate.

We’re told a man brought the package inside. According to an affidavit, deputies already had a search warrant for the home. Once inside, investigators said they found marijuana, ecstasy pills and several guns.

Father and son Michael Rimmer Senior and Michael Rimmer Junior now face several charges.

We spoke with another man who did not wish to share his name.

“Tap into the community and get with the youth. All they want to do is lock people up. That’s the first thing they want to do, instead of keeping us out here. And finding a way to keep us out here,” he said.

Some of the charges the Rimmers both face include: possession of a firearm, possession of drugs, and theft of property.

Those are harges one man believes could have been prevented.

“Some people don’t have an outlet. If you don’t have an outlet or know how to tap into these outlets. You don’t have a resolution to the problem,” the unidentified man said.

Some of the accusations against the Rimmers show a troubling and growing crime trend. Investigators said they found a ghost gun in the house. That’s a gun with no serial number that may be homemade and is untraceable.

They also said they found Glock switches, devices that can turn a handgun into a mini machine gun.