Father of student shot inside Cummings K-8 School wants to help teen who shot his son

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The father of the 13-year-old student shot inside Cummings K-8 School wants to help the 13-year-old boy who shot his son.

Emory Hammonds told FOX13 his son is doing great while recovering from being shot near the chest. He returned to school Tuesday.

Hammonds said he is worried about the 13-year-old who shot his son.

Right now, the accused shooter is charged with attempted first-degree murder, but the family wants that charge lessened.

Hammonds met with the shooter’s family Tuesday afternoon in hopes of reducing those charges.

Dr. Stacy Spencer is the president of MICAH.

“We recognize there are consequences that come with crime but we also know there is something called grace and to measure the consequences according to the person and to look at these young people who are not fully developed yet,” Dr. Spencer said. “It’s important not to throw these young people away.”

It’s a group of community and faith-based organizations that speak out on topics like juveniles in the criminal justice system. Dr. Spencer said sending young people to jail will not stop crime from happening.

“What we are doing is just really further conditioning them to be criminal because they are exposed to that element too early so we have to have to some healthy alternatives,” Dr. Spencer said.

The father of the victim told FOX13 he would like to meet with DA Amy Weirich to reduce the charges against the suspect. We reached out to DA Weirich multiple times to see if that’s something she would consider. We are waiting to hear back.