Fayette County pharmacy tech loses license after taking “handfuls” of pills on duty, records show

OAKLAND, Tenn. — A local pharmacy tech had her license revoked after a state board said she was caught on camera swallowing “handfuls” of pills while on duty.

Jessica Waldman, of Somerville, worked as a pharmacy tech at BETTERx in Oakland, according to documents from the pharmacy board.

She was granted her pharmacy tech license in Tennessee in 2008; it was set to expire Nov. 30, 2022.

A pharmacist in charge noticed bottles of Acetaminophen with Codeine #3 had been signed into the pharmacy correctly, but were later missing from the shelves. The pills had not been dispensed, records show.

After additional cameras were installed, Waldman was seen on camera putting various controlled substances in her pocket; swallowing handfuls of pills while on duty; and drinking from bottles then taking tablets from the bottle and resealing it, officials said.

Inventory revealed various opioids had been “diverted.”

Officials said a total of 2,761 pills valued at over $4,200 were taken.

Waldman voluntarily surrendered her license, records show.