Fayette County Sherriff’s Office continues investigation into suspected murder-suicide

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. — A home on Hutton Drive was the scene of the devastating death of a family of four last Thursday afternoon.

Now, the Fayette County community is left wondering why?

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“It’s a shock because of the magnitude of what it is to lose an entire family like this,” Ray Garcia from the Fayette County Sherriff’s Office said. “An entire household.”

According to the Fayette County Sherriff’s Office, the evidence shows that a family member killed three other family members before committing suicide.

The sheriff’s office said two victims were teenagers while the third victim and suspect were adults.

Sheriffs added that the victims have all been sent to the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s office and are awaiting autopsy.

The names and relationships between the four haven’t been released, with investigators waiting for a confirmed positive identification from the medical examiner.

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Although the cause of death isn’t official, investigators said all four had gunshot wounds.

Garcia told FOX13 that investigators are confident it was in fact a murder-suicide.

“Based on what we’re seeing now, that will probably close the investigation unless some new piece of evidence comes up that leads us in a different direction because everything is indicating that it was a situation of murder-suicide,” Garcia said.

According to Garcia, there was no history of violence or related calls to the home, adding to the shocking nature of this story.

“I believe it was a friend who called us,” he said. “I not sure of the exact circumstances. The investigators haven’t released a whole lot of details surrounding it but I know there was a called that was placed that these individuals were found.”

Sadly, something the community and investigators will never forget.

“We were discussing it amongst ourselves between the investigators and the folks at the office that we don’t recall having anything of this magnitude or with this many folks in one household like this,” he said.