Fear, anxiety normal after tragedy, even if you weren’t directly involved, doctor says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is a considerable push for mental health services after the mass shooting at the Collierville Kroger.

The Chief of Operations for Tennessee Voices said it’s normal for people to feel anxious or scared after something like this.

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“It creates a lot of trauma, a lot of fear. It lingers well after the horrific event,” said Will Voss.

Voss is the Chief Operations Officer at Tennessee Voices, a non-profit offering discounted or free mental health services.

He said it’s normal to feel anxious and distressed after a tragedy like the mass shooting at Kroger, even if someone isn’t directly impacted.

“Think about those who are there going to this Kroger every day, and this is one day they did not go. It’s scary, it’s scary to think about, and there is a lot of fear and anxiety that’s created from that,” said Voss.

Voss emphasizes you need to process your own feelings before you talk to your children.

“Kids are intelligent, and they can pick up on how we feel and are listening to how we say things, not just what we say,” said Voss.

He said it’s important to have those conversations with your children as soon as possible so they can hear the facts from you instead of another source.

Voss also suggests highlighting the positive even during tragedies.

“Address that there are people who do bad things, realize there is good in the situation that did occur,” said Voss.

Voss said if you notice yourself making changes to your daily routine or wanting to be isolated, you should open up to a close friend or family member about how you’re feeling.

For more information on how you can get help from Tennessee Voices, click here.