The fight for medical marijuana in Mississippi continues

Panola, MS. — Voters approved medical marijuana overwhelmingly in November, but earlier this year the state Supreme Court struck down the process used to get it on the ballot.

As FOX13 found out, a Panola County businessman is gambling state lawmakers will get the industry on track.

In the back of the Panola County Airport industrial complex, the ground has already been broken for a business called Hybrid Relief.

Businessman Tony Barragan told FOX13 if the legislature passes a medical marijuana program, the building that will be here will become an 18,000 square foot growhouse.

All he will have to do is bring in the grow equipment from Colorado.

Panola County’s Willie Doyle likes what he is hearing.

”Me, I think I didn’t know they were building one, but that is all good if it helps people. I think it helps people,” Doyle said.

Barragan said he chose the location because it’s about half a mile from the Panola County Sheriff’s Department. He says that makes it that much more secure.

”It will as long as you got security you are a lot better that could help,” Doyle said.

Barragan says if it becomes a grow house it will have state-of-the-art security.

Not everybody around here is in favor of it, though. One man who wouldn’t go on camera said he was against it because it would just lead to full-blown pot legalization.

Barragan says if medical marijuana isn’t approved in Mississippi, he’ll just have an 18,000 square foot warehouse to rent out.

Barragan says if the warehouse becomes a grow-house he would also like to hire off duty-law enforcement for security.