First Black-owned bakery in Southaven opens

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first black-owned bakery in the city of Southaven, Miss. is now open!

Military veteran and longtime entrepreneur, Karen Todd, is changing the face of baked goods in North Mississippi with Kutie Pies Bakery Cafe.

The cafe will serve specialty cakes, pies, various baked goods, their signature lamb sauce, fruit preserves, and bagged coffees and tea.

They will also provide breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, salads, and small hot entrees.

The idea of Kutie Pies was the slogan, “prepared and put in the oven”.

It started in 2015 when Todd’s HR job with Kellogg’s was eliminated. The single mother had to pursue her baking talents full-time to feed and support her family.

Another motivating factor, was the personal remembrance of family, behind it. Todd’s mother passed from COVID-19; 3 months later, her father passed from a cancer battle.

“I know if you were here you’d be at the bakery with me every day,” Todd said, pursuing the business.

Southaven has been one of the fastest-growing cities, in the nation.

“As a longtime resident of Whitehaven, I noticed I did mostly all my shopping in Southaven and recognized it was a growing and thriving community. Considering there was only one other bakery, I knew it was a sign for me to offer another option,” Todd said.

Going beyond the kitchen, Todd plans on outreaching to the community.

There are plans to help local authors and artists sell their books, paintings and craft pieces in the cafe.

Todd also plans to sponsor local school programs and hire local high school teens interested in culinary arts.

Kutie Pies will host cooking and baking classes around the holidays.

The bakery is located at 1036 Goodman Road E. in Southaven.