First week of May leaves many people anxious for Beale Street Music Festival in October

Memphis, Tenn. — This month would’ve been the start of a big weekend for Memphis.

The Beale Street Music Festival was scheduled to start Friday, May 1, 2020, but due to COVID-19, it’s been rescheduled.

As you could imagine a lot of people are feeling its absence and the city itself feeling the impact.

Devery Winfrey-Young, a visitor of Memphis said, “seeing it so empty is uncanny, it’s almost like being in one of those post-apocalyptic scenarios almost.”

He said he and his friends flew from Wisconsin to visit Memphis in May and stop by the Beale Street Music Festival.

“We went by and it was absolutely nothing there. It was still good to sightsee I guess," said Young.

Last year, Tom Lee Park was packed with thousands of people enjoying live music, food and the Memphis culture, but today the park is empty.

No music, no food, no people coming together in civic pride.

A park packed with thousands of people is now an empty field.

The Memphis in May Festival Committee said it’s the first time in their forty-four year history they’ve ever decided to reschedule the events at a $2 million dollar loss on the local economy.

They’re hoping to have the events scheduled for October.

Robert Griffin, the VP of Marketing for Memphis International Festival said, “They expect that so much of this virus would be dissipated by then and they’ll feel like it’s safe. No one knows at this point, but we have it so far out that we could make adjustments if needed. Right now we feel like it’s a good day for it to be book for each of those events in October.”

They said that’s even subject to possibly change depending on the status of the economy and how long social distancing guidelines are in place.

People in the community said it’s a part of the city’s heart and soul and the city feels empty without it.

Lauren Crabtree, a Memphis resident said, “It’s sad, I think it’s one of the best amenities that the city has to offer. People have fun and come from all over the region, so hopefully, it’s just postponed until later in the year.”

You can receive a refund by contacting their offices.

Memphis in October may not sound or feel the same, but the Memphis International Festival Committee said they’re hoping the Memphis pride doesn’t go away.