FLURONA: Man battles the flu and COVID-19 at the same time

BATESVILLE, Miss. — A Batesville Mississippi man has been hit with Flurona. It’s what doctors call it when a patient contracts both the flu and coronavirus at the same time.

FOX13 spoke to Bobby Rose about contracting both of them.

Doctors in Mississippi said Flurona is a rarity.

”That’s when my doctor said he has never seen that before. So it wasn’t until on the news we saw they were worried about a twindemic or both at the same time,” Rose said.

Rose said both he and his daughter got sick at the same time.

”Well, with the symptoms that I had, I had symptoms of both the flu and coronavirus. When we went in at the clinic they test in separate places for them, and I went in with flu A positive. My daughter was sick as well and her COVID test came back positive,” Rose said.

Doctors then tested Rose for COVID. He came back positive as well.

”The only thing they told me was take Tamiflu and drink a lot of fluids, and if my symptoms or respiratory gets worse, to go to the emergency room,” Rose said.

Rose said he has been vaccinated but has not had a COVID booster or a flu shot.

”I feel a little better with the first couple of days. I have never been that sick, and I don’t get sick — just shivering cold and body aches all the way down to the bone. It hurts to move,” Rose said.