Former KKK member says hatred is not the answer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From hate to humanity, a former white supremacist and KKK member said hatred and violence are not the answer.

That’s the message he’s sending during the “Week of Nonviolence” events in Memphis and across the country.

Garret was set to speak Tuesday night during a virtual conversation about his past experiences.

TM Garret became a KKK leader in Europe where he was heavily involved in the group.

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“I was very, very, very deep in the white supremacist movement. I was climbing up the ladder when I lived in Europe,” Garret said.

The turning point for him was the compassion that someone who did not look like him showed him 18 years ago.

That’s why he’s urged people to leave hate behind.

“It was the compassion of someone who I thought I didn’t deserve it from.  It was one of my former enemies. It was a Turkish Muslim who rented us an apartment,” Garret added.

Garret will also speak about his nonprofit group called CHANGE which spearheads antiracism and anti-violence campaigns.

That conversation is tonight at 7 p.m.

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