Former Memphis Police officer arrested in Mexico on gun charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former member of the Memphis Police Department was put behind bars in Mexico, according to his current employer, the Metro-Nashville Police Department.

Lemandries Hawes was taken into custody at the Cancun, Mexico airport on July 9 for having a personally owned pistol in his checked luggage, Metro-Nashville Police said.

Before joining the police in Nashville, Hawes was employed by the Memphis Police Department from March 20, 2017 until Sept. 29, 2021.

Even though Hawes declared his pistol with the airline, it is still considered a federal offense to bring a gun into Mexico, Nashville Police said.

Hawes was set to have a hearing in Mexico on Monday, July 25 and the former Memphis officer is being held in a Mexican jail, according to Nashville Police.

After leaving the Memphis Police Department in September of 2021, Hawes was hired by the Metro-Nashville Police the following October and graduated from the Metro-Nashville Police Department Academy in February of 2022.