Former NFL player from the Mid-South pens book to help women become football fans

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former NFL cornerback from the Mid-South wrote a book for women who want to be football fans, and Reginald “Reggie” Jones makes a guarantee to men who buy the book for women they watch football with.

FOX13′s Mearl Purvis talked to Jones about his book, “Stilettos on Gridiron.”

Number 27 with the New Orleans Saints 91-94 originally wrote “Stilettos on Gridiron” for women cheering their sons on in high school — women like his mother who knew first downs and touchdowns.

Then he thought about women like Billie Roy, who sometimes attends parties built around football.

“We enjoy the conversation. We enjoy the cheering and seeing our kids out there,” Roy said.

Roy and her husband are personal training clients of Jones.

“After meeting Reggie and buying his book and reading it, I have learned a lot about why people are coming and going on the football field,” Roy said.

Jones also wanted to write something that hadn’t been done before.

“I did the research and found out no player or coach had ever written for women. Ever,” said Jones.

“Stilettos on Gridiron” is an easy-to-read guidebook on the basics of football, covering the plays, player positions, the lineup of the offense and defense, special teams, and first down to touchdown.

And of course, the book explores the inner, exclusive goings-on of the testosterone-infused locker room.

“And there’s a lot to tell for people who would do a tell-all. It would never happen for me,” Jones said.

“I have found myself watching more TV football and appreciating him more than ever,” Roy said.

Finally, Jones offers a guarantee to any man who buys the book for the women in his life.

“I guarantee him that women will understand the fundamentals of football from the high school, college, and pro levels. All the concepts and different facets of the game,” Jones said.

So essentially, he really doesn’t have to answer any questions.

Jones plans to kick off a podcast in November, talking about the fundamentals and fun of football.