Four people died due to car crashes in Memphis within two days

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At least four people in Memphis died in the span of two days after they were hit by a car.

The deaths are bringing to light how often these types of wrecks happen.

“I think reckless driving, but also selfish driving and just trying to get places and rushing. I think that is ridiculous,” Loye Ellsworth of Memphis said.

Thursday morning, Memphis police said a person died after being hit by a car in front of Methodist North Hospital on Covington Pike.

Also that day, a man died after being hit by a car on White Station Rd. and Sequoia Rd.

Friday, a person died after being hit by a car in South Memphis.

Police said it happened at Airways Blvd. and Jonah Ave.

That same day, a TDOT worker was killed while on the job on Interstate 55.

“I think it’s both pedestrians not paying attention and not being aware of their surroundings, I think it is also distracted drivers,” Sgt. Kyle Lane with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said.

In 2021, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reported 508 pedestrians in Shelby county were involved in traffic crashes.

That’s up from 475 in 2020 and up from 358 in 2010.

Sgt. Lane has noticed the increase. He believes many incidents could be prevented.

“If you are going to be out walking at night, do your best to wear bright-colored clothing. Stay as visible as you possibly can and don’t assume the drivers see you because they more than likely don’t,” he said.

Sgt. Lane also reminds people to always cross at a crosswalk and reminds drivers to pay attention while at the wheel. It could save a life.

“Put your phone down. Don’t look at it. Treat everyone with the same regard that you would want while you are driving,” he said.

There is a move over law in Tennessee.

It requires drivers to move over into the adjacent lane of traffic for emergency and service vehicles if safe to do so.