FOX13 breaks down some common mail-in voting concerns

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MID-SOUTH — Mail-in voting for November’s general election is expected to set records because of the pandemic. The controversy surrounding ballots took center state during the first presidential debate Tuesday night, causing some to question whether or not their ballot will be counted.

There is a possibility your vote will not be counted. FOX13 looked at the top reasons ballots are tossed out.

Once you seal the envelope for your mail-in ballot in Mississippi, you must sign it. There’s a huge red arrow, so you can’t miss it.

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Then depending on which envelope you receive, you must have it notarized or a witness must sign as well.

However, data show the leading reason ballots are thrown out is because they’re not received in time.

In Mississippi, ballots must be postmarked by election day and received within five business days.

In Arkansas and Tennessee, ballots must be received by the end of election day.  So as soon as you receive your ballot, fill it out and send it off.

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Another reason your ballot might not be counted: not including required documents.

For example in Mississippi, you must send back your ballot with a doctor’s note detailing your underlying health issue if directed to.

“Make sure they have everything filled out properly and that they sign across that flap. And there are two places to get it notarized,” said DeSoto County Election Commissioner Danny Klein.

During the primary, more than half a million ballots were disqualified across 23 states including Mississippi and Arkansas.

If you are still waiting for your absentee ballot, it’s on the way. All three states began mailing out ballots a little more than a week ago.  So if you requested a ballot, you should begin checking your mailbox for it.

If you have not received one yet, don’t worry. We have more than a month left before election day.

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Overall, the earlier you request your ballot the sooner you will get it. Election officials advise people to send their ballots back at least a week before election day, but the sooner the better.

So far the DeSoto County Election Commissioner says they have mailed 1,600 out.

“We’re anticipating 12,000 or better in absentees this election,” said Klein.

In Mississippi, the deadline to request an absentee ballot is October 30.

In Arkansas and Tennessee, the last day to request a mail-in ballot is a week before election day.