Tenants say they’re being forced to move with little notice from Frayser apartment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ten families at the Trezevant Apartments in Frayser have 14 days to find new homes after getting notices to leave.

Residents say they didn’t have any warning from the property manager and now they’re turning to FOX13 Investigates for help.

“I just moved in two months ago, there’s signs outside talking about renovations and move in specials and I fell for it,” said Toni Welch, tenant.

Toni Welch said she just moved back to Memphis and now she has to move again.

She said a notice to vacate was on her door, and others at the Trevazant Apartments in Frayser. The notice points to a major sewer issue that will take more three months to fix and the units wouldn’t have sewer service.

The notice ends their lease agreement, and states there aren’t any vacant units available.

“It was already hard enough to find an apartment during the pandemic and now we have to do that all over again in 14 days and not have any way to plan ahead. It’s terrible. Not just for me but for the families who have children, it’s sad,” said Welch.

The apartment complex is managed by Wiseman Properties LLC, a company based in Florida.

FOX13 Investigates called the property manager three times and each time, she hung up on us before we could ask a question.

FOX13 Investigator Kirstin Garriss went to the leasing office to try to talk to the manger in person and the property manager wouldn’t answer any of our questions, and only referred us to code enforcement.

We reached out the city and a spokeswoman said the notice was issued by the property owner, and not the city. Additionally, they said it is the responsibility of the property owner to repair and maintain the sewage pipes.

Welch believes the property manager could have done more to help them.

She said when they move out, all she’ll get is her security deposit.

“Well guess what the move in special was? Half of the security despot so $250! So that’s all I’ll get back in 14 days,” said Welch. “It doesn’t seem legal to me honestly, it doesn’t.”

Welch doesn’t know what she’ll do, she says she moved into that apartment because the rent was affordable.

FOX13 went back to the city and asked for more clarity to see if Code Enforcement were aware of this sewage issue, and the city is still working on our request.