FOX13 Investigates: Memphis man says he caught maintenance worker stealing his electricity

WATCH: FOX13 Investigates: Memphis man says he caught maintenance worker stealing his electricity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monday a Memphis man got an MLGW bill that he said is shocking. He told FOX13 his bill for two months is almost $600 because maintenance workers at his apartment were stealing his electricity.

He asked to be called Jonathon and did not want us to show his face.

“A couple of days ago I found some people stealing electricity from my box,” Jonathan said.

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He said he recorded a video in December that shows an extension cord hooked up to his breaker box that leads to an empty apartment beneath him. Seconds later, out comes a workman.

“I confronted him and told him that is not good.” Jonathan told FOX13.

The apartment complex told FOX13 one of their contractors had been using a tenant’s utilities to make repairs on another apartment that is not his. It’s not allowed.

Jonathon suspects this went on for weeks until he complained.

His MLGW bill for two months was almost three times what he normally pays.

FOX13 Investigates′ Greg Coy went to the leasing office to speak to the manager at Prescott Apartments, who told him over the phone they will pay one month’s utility but not two because they believe contractors only did this for a few days.

Greg wanted to find out how they could sure and why management didn’t fire the contractors for stealing.

The manager said they were busy so, we are still awaiting their reply.

In the meantime, Jonathon filed a police report, but is stuck with a $325 electricity bill.

MLGW has investigated what happened, but said they will not void any of those bills for him or anyone who is a victim utility theft if the thieves don’t tap into MLGW property.

FOX13 reached out to MLGW for more details on their investigation. They haven’t gotten back to us about those details, but In a statement to FOX13, MLGW said in part:

The illegal connection is in the customer’s breaker box making this a crime against the customer, not theft of MLGW services. (MLGW owns the meter but not the breaker box.)
Spokesperson for MLGW
Our theft policy is as follows: MLGW’s Corporate Investigations and Loss Prevention department investigates all utility theft reports as they are received. This adds customer value to all our stakeholders. We make sure we are safely delivering services that create and sustain superior customer experiences.
Spokesperson for MLGW

“Even if it is stolen, the customer is responsible for his or her bill. Memphis Light Gas and Water will work with them on a payment plan,” Gayle Carson Jones, the VP of MLGW Communications, told FOX13.

MLGW does have a loss prevention team who investigates reports of utility theft be it either light, gas or water.

“If there is utility theft it is reported to the Memphis Police Department and customers can be indicted for utility theft. It is illegal," Jones explained.

Customers are encouraged to call MLGW to report cases of utility theft by calling 322-5741 or emailing them at

WATCH: FOX13 Investigates: Memphis man says he caught maintenance worker stealing his electricity