FOX13 Memphis honors Black History Month

Memphis, Tenn. — WHBQ/FOX13 and Family Focus will once again honor the history, people, and events during this February 2021. During the entire month, our reporters and anchors will focus on our local community. We are celebrating the life and legacy of the entrepreneurial spirit, political activism and recognizing the many contributions by African Americans in the Mid-South.

Every single day we will air a story high-lighting community members blazing a trail to uplift and inspire. You will hear from civil rights activist James Meredith as he talks about being a young man surrounded by law enforcement walking into the then-segregated University of Mississippi.

Also, raised in poverty-stricken Orange Mound, Carolyn Chism Hardy is the 7th of her 16 siblings, who lived in 13 houses before she turned 12. It’s her influence of strength, sacrifice, and resilience that pushed her to beat all odds, moving from entry-level positions to becoming a multi-millionaire.

In a field dominated by men, three Midsouth women of color are leading the way in researching cures for several diseases and disorders. Hear from FOX13′s Mearl Purvis as she shows us why female doctors say the answers may lie with our next generation of young doctors.

Those stories and more every day on FOX13. As we reflect on the struggle of yesterday and today, but also celebrate the continued accomplishments and amazing impact of African Americans in our community.