FOX13 speaks to community members and asks: Why do you wear a mask?

Watch: FOX13 speaks to community members and asks: Why do you wear a mask?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mayor Jim Strickland signed an ordinance that required everyone in Memphis city limits to wear a mask.

FOX13′S Shelia O’Connor stood outside of a Superlo and Target for 30 minutes and everyone was wearing a mask.

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While she was there, she spoke to some of the shoppers about why they decided to wear a mask.

"There is so much happening, and our health and lives are more important," said Doris Tate.

Others like Terrell Richardson said he wore a mask "to be safe."

The Shelby County Health Department constantly reminded people to wear a mask when outside.

Now, it's required in the city of Memphis.

Michael Allen thought the ordinance was a good idea.

"Because you're looking out for your fellow man," Allen said.

Stephen Rucker thought it was important so we could avoid certain situations

“I think they should do what the mayor asks us to do,” Rucker said. “Since corona is getting really, really bad again, we may end up back in phase 1 again.”

That is something the city certainly wants to avoid.

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