FOX13 speaks with woman who escaped carjacking during deadly shooting spree

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are more victims than just the lives lost or injured in Wednesday’s shooting spree.

One Memphis woman told FOX13 that she and her children are now traumatized after a close encounter with the 19-year-old suspect, Ezekiel Kelly.

“Tryna be a good Samaritan almost cost me my life,” she said in a face-to-face interview.

What started off as a normal Wednesday pizza date for the mother, her children, and her nieces quickly turned into a near-death encounter.

“It was literally within 4 minutes of us leaving the pizza place to everything happening,” she said.

The mom said she started seeing posts about a spree shooter while still at the restaurant and decided to leave.

She said she was driving on Poplar Avenue near North McLean Boulevard when a driver crashed his car.

“I’m noticing the guy in the car getting out; he’s climbing through the passenger window. As he’s getting out the window, I’m like ‘Are you ok? Are you ok?’ and by the time he made it out the window and ran to my car, he’s got the gun, and he’s holding it at his chest.”

That man turned out to be Ezekiel Kelly, and she said she recognized his face from the posts on social media.

“He proceeds to go around the back of my car, like going to the passenger side to get in, and as he’s going for the passenger side, I realize it’s him. I take off,” she said.

As the woman took off, she said she saw the suspect in the rearview mirror, trying to get access to any and every car in that area.

The car he eventually took belonged to Allison Parker, a medical assistant at the Family Practice Center in West Memphis, according to the doctor’s office.

She was shot and killed.

“I’ll never pull over to help anyone else. It’s just too dangerous and too scary. To think that not only myself, but I put my kids in that predicament,” said the woman.

FOX13 learned Thursday that victim Allison Parker leaves behind three children.

According to a GoFundMe made by a family member, their father died two years ago.