Frayser apartment complex says post office isn’t delivering residents' mail

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who live in at the Carriage House Apartments in Frayser said it’s been weeks, even months since they’ve gotten mail to their homes.

“I’m missing P-EBT cards for my children. Its people missing social security checks. We need notifications for our business so we’re trying to figure out where’s our mail,” said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

One woman who didn’t want to show her face on camera said it’s been nearly five months.

“It’s been important. We need to know what’s going on beyond the bills. We have to have our bills paid on time. How are we going to know when to pay and how to pay on time? We could get a bill now and then the lights cut off because the bill has been in the mail, but we’ve just not gotten it. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on,” said the resident.

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It’s been a back and forth discussion between the leasing office and the U.S. Postal Service.

The leasing office said some of the main locks on the mailboxes need service and the Postal Service won’t leave mail in a box that won’t properly lock. The U.S. Postal service sent a statement saying:

“The Postal Service is aware of the issue with damaged mailboxes at the Carriage House Apartments. However, the maintenance of these mailboxes is the responsibility of the property owner. Carriage House residents may retrieve their mail at the Frayser Station Post Office, 3057 Baskin Street, Memphis, TN, 38127. We look forward to a speedy resolution for our customers and will resume delivery to the complex when the necessary repairs are complete.”

The apartment complex said there’s a new post office worker who goes to the area and residents tell them the post office worker would skip their mailboxes.

Residents can pick up mail at the Frayser Post Office on Baskin Street, and if they need repair services done to their mailbox at the Carriage House Apartments, they should contact the main office at 901-357-5100.