Frayser church hosts gun safety training for kids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Members of a Frayser youth mentoring program hosted a gun training session for kids to know how to react around weapons.

The training was held at the Pursuit of God Transformation Center.

Gun instructor Jonathan Cross said he said some of the same lessons with the kids as he would with adults.

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“We can tell children not to do things all day long, tell them not to touch the stove, not to get the cookie out the cookie jar and what do children do, they may do it, so it’s better for them to have the best information,” said Cross.

During this training, Cross said the kids didn’t learn how to shoot a gun at all. Instead, he said the focus is about what to do if they saw a gun and treating every gun as if it’s loaded. 

“When they see a firearm, they need to stop, don’t touch, leave the room, find an adult, it’s as simple as that,” said Cross, who is a gun instructor with Dauntless Tactical Training, Inc. 

Simple lessons for participants who were as young as six years old.

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“Guns can be really dangerous sometimes, and they hurt a lot of people,” said Amira Floyd.

Melva Cole said she was initially a little hesitant about the training because she thought her 11-year-old son was too young. But she said kids will learn by example, and she wanted her son to learn from professionals. 

“It’s a wide range of kids getting killed by guns too, so I think the younger, the better you know because a lot of parents have guns and the kids don’t even know they have the gun and if they found it, they don’t know if it’s loaded or not loaded, is it a toy or not?” she said.

This is the second training of its kind at the church.