Frayser tenants running out of time to find new homes after sudden vacate notice

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Time is up for 10 families at one Frayser apartment complex who have to move out Wednesday after receiving notices to leave within 14 days.

“I have rights as a tenant and I’m going to exercise those rights at all costs,” resident Toni Becker said.

Becker said she isn’t leaving, despite a notice to vacate the Trezevant Apartments.

FOX13 interviewed Becker almost two weeks ago when she and other families got a notice to leave due to a major sewer issue that could take over three months to fix.

The noticed, signed by the property manager, stated the units wouldn’t have sewer service.

Becker said Shelby County Community Services agency offered to help pay for some rent, but she hasn’t had any luck finding a new home within her budget.

“I’m not going to pay, allow them to pay all this money and then three months later I’m sitting here stuck with a rent I can’t pay because I had to hurry up and get out,” she said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

FOX13 Investigates went to the leasing office this week to get answers, but the property manager wasn’t in town.

We called Wiseman Properties, LLC and are waiting to hear back.

When FOX13 last spoke with the property manager she told us to talk to code enforcement.

The City of Memphis said code enforcement isn’t responsible for the notices.

“It’s heartless,” Becker said. “She directs us to code enforcement and code enforcement literally tells us, ‘It’s not us.’”

FOX13 showed the notices to longtime Memphis attorney Walter Bailey.

He said, generally, if there’s a situation that would cause the complex to be unlivable or poses a health threat, then the landlord must provide residents notice to leave. Bailey said there’s a catch, though.

“If any fault is attributable to the landlord, then the tenant, in most instances, would be able to recover damages, which would be costs for relocating,” he said.

The landlord will be in environmental court on Thursday related to the sewer issue.