Free mental health services available for essential workers amid ongoing pandemic

MID-SOUTH — Mental Health Month is here with help for essential workers of all kinds, who have worked through the stress of the pandemic or any crisis they have faced.

M-HART, the Mental Health Active Response Team is offering free therapy sessions for essential workers.

This is not just for the first responders. you may be a grocery store clerk, security guard at a store, store stock person, the janitor; the restaurant workers, waitresses and bartenders who have been bogged down with the stress of the pandemic and really need help.

Oliver Williams of MHART said many essential workers have been hit with grief or experienced a crisis situation in the last year.

“Every person that is touched, every person that experiences disaster is affected by disaster,” Williams said.

MHART is offering essential workers who are feeling stress, anxiety, sadness or burnout related to your work free therapy sessions. Volunteers are licensed professionals offering four free mental health sessions to those recovering from disaster and pandemic stress.

“Initially it started with just working with health care staff and nurses. It’s developed and matured into now the expansion of first responders and any essential worker that needs emotional support,” Williams said.

This team, which has been in existence for a little more than a year, said they have seen their services increase by 500 percent.

“It’s not an easy time to deal with. That’s why we are offering support to many to know that you can get through this,” Williams said.

Williams mentioned when mental health isn’t taken care of there is a breaking point that affects more people than just one. Williams said

sessions will be virtual. However, in certain situations, in-person sessions will be an option.

If you want to sign up for the free therapy sessions click here.

Also if you are a licensed mental health specialist and want to volunteer that link is also for you.