Frustrated students and parents voice virtual learning concerns

WATCH: Frustrated teachers, parents from DeSoto County Schools voice concerns about virtual learning

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Parents and students expressed their virtual learning concerns during the Desoto County School Board meeting.

Their main concern is the lack of communication between teachers and students.

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Many parents said they have to learn the material themselves in order to help their children.

“I’m the type of person who needs their teacher in front of me,” said Kayla Tyson, student.

Tyson said she is struggling to learn in a virtual learning environment.

“I pray to god that my GPA doesn’t fall and it goes higher even though I’m not getting taught anything, I’m teaching myself,” said Tyson.

She isn’t the only one.

Tyson and her mom, Nicole Tyson voiced their concerns to the Desoto County School Board.

“I want our mother daughter relationship to be loving not be battered by mom as the teacher and daughter the student,” said Nicole.

Nicole said she’s doing everything she can to help her children.

“No parent should have to pay for additional tutoring because their child isn’t being taught,” said Tyson.

Nicole said the main issue is teachers are not touching base with their students and both believe more scheduled zoom meetings with kids and teachers would be a step in the right direction.

In the end, parents and students felt their voices, and their concerns weren’t taken seriously.

“They didn’t even ask questions to understand what can we do to change this how can we change this they didn’t ask for input at all,” said Tyson.

Several parents said the next step is to write a formal letter to the board which will ask for a 30-day timeline for improving virtual learning.

“Those are classes that kids need instruction, not just worksheets that they download and submit they aren’t learning anything,” said parent Cassandra Wooten.

Parent Jarvis Jeffries also attended the meeting.

He started a petition to improve virtual learning which has over 900 signatures.

Jeffries said the worst part is parents have until tomorrow to switch their children from virtual learning.

“We just spoke today to the board. Is anything going to happen in 24 hours? I highly doubt it,” said Jeffries.

FOX13 tried to get a comment from the superintendent and school board members after the meeting but they didn’t respond and went into a private meeting.

During the meeting the superintendent said they hired 70 virtual learning assistants and teachers are given more time on Friday to help their students.