Orange Mound funeral home featured in Netflix series forced to pay thousands of dollars in penalties

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family has filed a lawsuit against Bernard Funeral Services after members of the family said they were given the remains of a person other than their loved one after a cremation.

“That was revealed when they went to Florida on Ms. Velasquez’s birthday to take the ashes to be dispersed,” said David McLaughlin, the attorney for the Valasquez family.

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Bernard Funeral Services located in Memphis is featured on Netflix’s ‘Buried by the Bernards,’ a reality show.

McLaughlin said there was a plastic and metal identification tag with the ashes given to them by the funeral home.

“There was no mix up in the ashes,” said Randy Fishman, the attorney representing the funeral home.

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Fishman said it is impossible to mix up ashes during a cremation.

“Bodies are not identified by a handwritten label.  They are identified by a metal tag that’s placed with the body when it’s put in the (cremator.)” said Fishman.

The State of Tennessee fined the funeral home for “Unprofessional conduct (provided a metal identification tag in the urn to the family that differed  from the name on a subsequently produced paper handwritten label) and failed to treat members  of the public in a respectful manner.”

The state has fined the funeral home $7,475.