Germantown Municipal School District drops mask requirement

GERMANTOWN. Tenn. — Germantown Municipal Schools will no longer require masks on campuses starting Thursday, Jan. 20.

The Germantown Municipal School Board voted to make masks highly recommended and optional rather than mandatory.

The decision was made Wednesday night at a special called school board meeting.

Parents packed the meeting. Some were wearing shirts that read “100 % Parents Choice.” Those parents said they want to decide whether or not their child wears a mask.

The board agreed they wanted to put the fight over masks behind them. They acknowledged that the back and forth between the district and parents was distracting to the primary goal of educating the kids.

Although the board ruled in favor of the parent’s rights, many said the vote was not enough. They said it’s not just about masks but about freedom and fairness.

One parent told FOX13 he’s livid over kids being placed into in-school suspension for choosing not to wear a mask.

“My son has gotten all of 15 minutes of instruction in over two weeks. That’s it. So we’re pretty fired up,” said GMSD parent Geoffrey Hicks. “Our kids have been sitting around doing nothing, and they have suffered for it, and that’s incredibly angering, and so that’s why we have been talking to the superintendent, emailing the school board, and they have not been willing to budge off their position. I don’t know if they are afraid of something, afraid of a lawsuit.”

Germantown Municipal School District was one of the last holdouts requiring masks in the county.

Shelby County Schools is not the only school district still requiring masks.