Germantown Schools to continue in-person learning as students test positive for COVID-19

WATCH: Germantown Schools to continue in-person learning as students test positive for COVID-19

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — No changes are planned for the school year after two students test positive for COVID-19, according to Germantown Municipal Schools Superintendent Jason Manuel.

The tests come almost three weeks into the school year and involve one student from Houston High and another from Houston Middle School.

FOX13 spoke to the superintendent about what would cause schools to stop in-person learning.

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The superintendent said there a lot of factors involved, including things like if there is a cluster in the schools or if there is a lot of spread between students or teachers.

For now, there’s no change to the game plan.

“We can’t prevent it but we are doing our best to keep our students and families safe,” Manuel said.

The superintendent said the district contacted the families of less than four close contacts. They don’t know how the students caught the virus, but Manuel said he thinks it was outside of school.

“We know there will be cases in the community,” he said. “We know people will be at events going out and catching it from family members and friends out in the community. Our job is trying to limit in the schools.”

Those close contacts will switch to virtual learning for 14 days as the health department investigates and decides who needs to quarantine.

FOX 13 asked the superintendent if he would consider moving to in-person learning, but he said there would have to be serious issues like a cluster in a school.

“We know it’s important to have in-person learning for students,” said Manuel. “That’s a priority for the state. It would have to be something that is either a staffing issue or challenge for us for student safety if we are having regular spread between students.”

Manuel also said it’s a decision that would be discussed with the Shelby County Health Department.

Manuel said no teachers have tested positive for the virus at this time.

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