Gov. Bill Lee breaks down guidelines to reopen stores and restaurants

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee released his plan to allow many businesses to reopen across the state.

FOX13 has been reporting about his plan for the 89 countries that do not have a county health department.

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“Tennesseans pulled together to flatten the curve, and it is time for people to begin to get back to work and back to their businesses,” Lee said. “We are pursuing a careful, measured approach to reopening our economy that does not depend on heavy-handed mandates but instead provides practical tools for businesses of all sizes,” Gov. Bill Lee said.

Lee announced Tennessee restaurants are able to reopen Monday at 50 percent occupancy. Additionally, Tennessee retailers are able to reopen on Wednesday at 50 percent occupancy. The state recommends that employees in both industries wear cloth face coverings and that business owners follow federal guidelines for hygiene and workplace sanitation standards related to the pandemic. The full guidance offered by the state for both sectors can be found below.

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Business Operations Guidelines for restaurants

Protecting Employees

• Wear face coverings and gloves

• Report any symptoms of illness to supervisor

• Follow daily sanitation protocols

Protecting Customers

• Limit occupancy to 50% of seating capacity

• Space tables 6 feet apart

• Limit seating to 6 per table

• Use social distancing standards in waiting areas

• Keep bar areas closed

• No live music

• Screen customers with basic questions about COVID 19 symptoms

Business Guidelines

• Sanitize all front of house contact surfaces every two hours

• Use disposable menus or sanitize menus between each use

• Use rolled silverware/napkins stored in sealed bins

• Sanitize chairs and all tabletop items after each table turn

• Do not offer self serve buffets, shared condiments, or beverage station reuse

• Provide ServSafe COVID 19 training for all food handlers

Business Operations Guidelines for retail stores

Protecting Employees

• Wear dedicated cloth face coverings, gloves, and other personal protection items as recommended by the CDC

• Report any symptoms of illness to supervisor

• Provide training on personal protective equipment based on CDC guidelines

• Sanitize hands with soap and/or hand sanitizer

• Stagger shifts, breaks, and meals to maintain social distancing

Protecting Customers

• Limit customer occupancy to 50% of store capacity

• Customers should wear face coverings inside stores

• Consider shopping hours for the elderly, medically vulnerable, and health care workers

• Establish one-way aisles and traffic patterns for social distancing

• Increase curbside, pickup, and delivery service options

• Prompt customers regarding the importance of social distancing