Gov. Lee urges school districts to have in-person classes

WATCH: Gov. Lee unveils safe reopening plan for Tennessee schools

TENNESSEE — Governor Bill Lee urged school districts to have class in-person because he said its medically sound and a preferred option.

This announcement came as several schools in the Mid-South decided how they want next year to look like.

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Right now, the plan in Collierville is to have class in-person two days a week and virtual learning three days a week.

A school spokesperson said the plan won’t change because of Lee’s rollout because schools would be at full capacity.

There is also an option to have classes complete virtual.

“Any parent is going to tell you oh my gosh teaching my kids at home is hard,” said Anne Calderwood, parent.

Lee emphasized there will be plans in place to protect everyone inside schools.

“Make no mistake extended time away from the classroom is harmful for children,” said Lee.

Parents like Calderwood agreed.

“Why can’t children come and learn in an environment where there is this spacing and it is sanitary and there are extra precautions to keep it clean,” said Calderwood.

The state will give free PPE for students and teachers. There will also be cleaning supplies in every classroom.

Staff or students who test positive for the virus will be required to isolate themselves for 10 days but the governor’s plan does come with challenges and he knows no plan is perfect.

“While many Tennessean students can learn in a safe supportive environment, we have to account for the student who is in the inner city, the student with special needs, the student that doesn’t have access to adequate nutrition,” said Calderwood.

FOX13 reached out to SCS to see if the governor’s back to school plan changes anything they’ve decided but we haven’t heard back.