Group releases ‘Pork Report’ for TN, blasts Bluff City Law, FedEx and more

WATCH: Group releases ?Pork Report? for TN, blasts Bluff City Law, FedEx and more

This year's report is out on government waste in Tennessee, and there's a handful of Memphis organizations being blasted.

It’s the 14th year of the Beacon Center’s Pork Report, and they released information on what they called a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The report mentioned incentives for the canceled TV show “Bluff City Law” and took aim at Graceland for threatening to move Elvis’s mansion brick by brick from Memphis.

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According to the report Memphis City Council authorized $75 million in incentives for Graceland after the threat with one stipulation, Graceland couldn’t build an auditorium or theater to compete with the FedEx Forum.

The Non-profit “Beacon center” went after the Edge Board, which is an economic organization for the city.

According to the report, the Edge Board redistributes tax dollars to enormous corporations, including $2 million that was given to FedEx so the Memphis-based company could move its headquarters downtown

The report called it one of the worst moves of tax dollars, even though it’s expected to bring nearly 700 new jobs to the area according to Governor Bill Lee.

It also took aim at Shelby County Commissioners - saying it was unnecessary for the board to use $100,000 to create a podcast.

As for the Graceland incentives... we reached out to Elvis Presley Enterprises, but a spokesman said the company “respectfully” declined to comment.