Gun charges won’t be filed following arrest of rapper Big Boogie and 20 others

MISSISSIPPI — New information on the highway shooting last week involving Memphis Rapper Big Boogie and his entourage.

FOX13 has learned no one will face gun-related charges.

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The lack of charges despite two dozen people being taken into custody. It took the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation two days to interview the 24 people taken into custody during the highway stop in Panola County that followed the shooting in Tate County, but there will be no charges for the shooting or anything related to all the guns investigators found.

MBI told FOX13 that this is partly because all of the guns were legally owned.

Part of the problem FOX13 found out is that MBI interviewed 24 people who were taken into custody and each one of those people had different stories about how the shooting started so they can’t figure out who the aggressor was.

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Mississippi is an open carry state and it is legal to carry a firearm in your car. Investigators won’t say if that played into what happened.

At this point, the case has been turned over to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and we are told there is a possibility that three people could be charged for drug crimes.