Gunfire disrupts Mississippi music festival, sends one person to hospital, police say

BATESVILLE, Miss. — Gunfire rang out at a Mississippi music festival Saturday night, according to police.

It was supposed to be a homecoming celebration for country music star Jameson Rodgers, but something went violently wrong.

Police in Batesville, Mississippi, are still investigating the shooting that injured a child at Springfest on Saturday night.

Tony Michaels works at a restaurant nearby. He says he heard the shooting Saturday night and saw the aftermath. “Man, kids running, parents panicking. Like chaos, real chaos.” Michaels said.

Michaels tells us he can’t believe the shooting happened during Springfest.

Police tell us it happened where Lomax Street comes into the west side of the square in Batesville.

”To me, it is almost unheard of. I just hate that people can’t come out and have a good time. We got kids out here, to bring drama to a situation like that,” said Micheals.

Police say a juvenile was injured in the shooting and is currently recovering at Regional One in Memphis.

They have a suspect in custody but aren’t releasing any info on the alleged shooter.

Country singer Jameson Rodgers was about to wrap up his show in front of his hometown crowd when the shooting happened.

Police say it happened away from the crowd.

Rodgers commented on the shooting in this social media post.

“It was scary for a lot of people and for the band and our guys, and I’m sorry. It was pretty terrifying. I hope everyone is okay,” Rodgers said.

Multiple witnesses tell us police were on it as soon as the shooting happened.

“Oh, they were everywhere like on the square. They were already here, so I don’t understand why you would bring that here. It could have been a whole lot worse,” Michaels said.

Police said that the shooter and the victim knew each other and that neither was from Panola County.