‘Guns are not toys’: 15-year-old charged after string of Midtown shootings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another Memphis teen could spend most of his life in prison after a string of violence. A 15-year-old faces four counts of attempted murder for several September shootings in Midtown Memphis.

Those three shootings happened over the span of about 18 hours.

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One of them took place on Angelus Street. The other two happened just blocks away on North Belvedere Blvd.

FOX13′s Cierra Jordan discovered new details about what police said happened.

The series of shootings started on September 21 along North Belvedere Blvd.

Investigators said a 15-year-old shot at a 21-year-old nearly ten times, hitting him in the arm.

That 21-year-old was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The next afternoon, MPD said the 15-year-old opened fire at a 65-year-old man on Angelus Street.

Investigators said the man stopped on Poplar Avenue waiting for traffic to clear until he heard a loud noise and saw a dark Chevrolet Impala speeding on North Belvedere Blvd.

As the car ran the red light on Poplar Avenue, the man took a picture of the license plate. After taking the picture, the man stopped on Angelus Street to call the police, MPD said.

That’s when he saw two of the people who had been in the Impala. He tried taking a photo of them, but one of them realized what he was doing he fired 4 or 5 shots at his car, according to police.

“Guns are not toys. Point blank period. This is going to come with real-life consequences for you and the other person that is involved,” said Heal 901 Executive Director Durell Cowen

But, that wasn’t the last time the 15-year-old pulled the trigger, according to police.

Just minutes later, Memphis Police said a woman was shot at the Ventana Apartments when she answered a knock at her door.

Three of her children were there when it happened. The children were not hit. The woman was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

MPD said the 15-year-old turned himself in Friday.