Gym owner adjusts business to fit new guidelines

Watch: Gym owner adjusts business to fit new guidelines

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County is in phase two of its back-to-business plan.

Businesses are still adjusting to the requirements.

At gyms, a new mindset could be seen. Hand sanitizer was all around, social distancing marks were on the floor and it wasn’t overly crowded.

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David Ferguson trains all ages and has multiple judo and Jiu-Jitsu gyms across the area.

“We are keeping the kids completely socially spaced but they can still get their work out and do their techniques at a hundred percent,” said Ferguson.

To look out for his youngest trainees, Ferguson ordered grappling dummies to avoid physical contact.

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He said they’re sanitized before and after each use.

“We have changed up the schedule also so now there’s twenty minutes between each class,” Ferguson said. “So that gives the instructors twenty minutes to sanitize everything before the next class comes in.”

There were “X” marks throughout the gym to make sure social distancing is followed.

Ferguson added that members aren’t allowed to use the locker rooms or water fountains. They also bring their own gloves.

Despite Shelby County currently in phase two, Ferguson was operating within phase one guidelines.

“Overly cautious possibly but definitely responsible in ensuring that we sort of take the dimmer up slowly instead of just throwing the lights back on,” Ferguson said.

When it’s back on in full force, Ferguson believed some precautions will remain in place.

“Are we going to still operate with some of these restrictions? Restrictions as far as the class sizes and stuff go but sanitizing? Absolutely,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said members were asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver.

They’re now closed on Sundays which is used as a full day of cleaning before the week gets started.

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