Hairstylists propose reopening plan allowing one client in a salon per stylist

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hairstylists are asking city and state leaders to consider letting them get back to work, allowing one client in the salon per stylist and no one else.

A salon owner told FOX13 beauticians need the same financial support as other businesses.

FOX13 talked to a number of hairstylists who said they did not qualify for that small business loan before the money ran out or unemployment.

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Charlette Logan, owner of the W Salon in Midtown, said she wants the government to let her open her doors back up and consider putting money aside for businesses like hers.

“I’ve had to take money that I’ve had saved up for a rainy day personally,” Logan said.

Logan is like many salon owners who told FOX13 they are trying to qualify for some type of loan in order to keep the doors open.

“I’ve gotten a lot of my clients and people, in general, send me things about loans and grants and things like that and most of them I don’t qualify for,” said Logan.

According to reports, Senate Democrats and Republicans were negotiating a second funding deal that would allocate $310 billion more into the Paycheck Protection Program, setting aside $60 billion for rural and small minority groups.

The first round of money ran out.

“I just hope that something happens to where salons, people in the beauty industry because we are really not considered much during this entire pandemic we haven’t been considered much at all,” Logan said.

On Friday, FOX13 reported the President and CEO of The Black Business Association of Memphis predicts the impact from COVID-19 could be anywhere between $205 million to $1.2 billion for African American small businesses in Shelby County.

That’s one reason beauticians are petitioning to serve one client at a time by April 27th.

“When I saw that because the petition was stating if salons could reopen if stylist took one person at a time and I’m like well I’ve been doing that since forever so it would have been great if I could have still continued to work,” Logan said.

FOX13 reached out to the Shelby County Health Department and the City of Memphis to ask if they would consider letting one client in at a time per stylist.

A Health Department spokesperson said, “Municipalities, including the Shelby County Mayor’s Office, are looking at ways personal service businesses can operate while protecting the health of both the clients and the practitioners. No decisions have been made at this time, but there will be some guidance to come.”

In the meantime, experts said small businesses who may qualify for the next round of loans need to have access to their bookkeeping, income statements, and 1040. Those are important documents to help qualify.

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