Headed to a park? Remember to practice social distancing

WATCH: Headed to a park? Remember to practice social distancing

OXFORD, Miss. — According to doctors and psychologists, the shelter in place at home measures can be rough on people in some cases. For some, if they have been inside for days on end, they just have to get out.

One place that remains open in Oxford, Mississippi is the walking trail at Lamar Park. For the last few weeks the park has been busy with walkers exercising and keeping their social distance from each other.

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Even in the rain Tuesday, some folks were still out enjoying the park, and when it's wet, keeping your social distance is easier.

Until Tuesday, FOX13 reporter Tom Dees said since the shelter in place at home order has been in place, every time he was at Lamar Park it was full of people. But Tuesday’s rain kept all but a few people inside.

“Just to get fresh air I guess and to get out of the house. I'm not looking at the same four walls all day, it's pretty nice. A different change of scenery is nice,” said Oxford resident Theresa Rogers.

Rogers hit the Lamar Park Trail with her dogs Tyson and Archie Tuesday even though it was raining.

“It helps so you don't just go stir crazy. It's awesome. This guy is only 18 months old and this one is three or four years old, so he's pretty hyper cooped up,” she said.

Rogers said she is used to being in the park when a lot of people are there. That wasn’t the case Tuesday. There were only about five people there and it's a whole lot easier to keep the six-foot social distancing in place when there are fewer people in the park.

“If not for them (the dogs) I would not be out here and they would be going stir crazy,” she said.

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