Health experts continue to urge COVID-19 safety after Trump test positive

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Medical experts said the number one lesson we can learn from President Trump contracting the coronavirus is that no one is exempt.

and your loved ones.

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It starts by wearing a mask properly.

If it’s worn under your nose or pulled down on your chin, that is just as dangerous as not wearing it all.

“We need to social distance, we need to wear a mask and we need our good hand hygiene, and if you don’t do those things, whether you’re the president of the United States or anybody else, if you are exposed to COVID you will likely get COVID,” said Scott Strome, executive dean of University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Strome believed people became too relaxed since we’re several months into this pandemic.

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“Lazy is the wrong word, but it’s kind of what I mean. they’re not being as stringent about the things that we did really well and because of that the cases are going up in many states,” Strome said.

Strome added that the more we ignore the basics, the deadlier this virus can become.

Some health experts believed people will still ignore the advice from experts even though Trump contracted the virus.

“Every time someone doesn’t wear a mask, it just really hurts our society as a whole, and it keeps this thing going for longer, so please wear your masks,” he said.

You could be spreading the virus unknowingly.

The CDC said it could take one to 14 days before symptoms even show up.

“People can have live virus in their nose several days before they demonstrate symptoms, and that’s what makes this virus so hard to eradicate,” he said.

That’s why Strome urged families to think twice before traveling for the holidays this year.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or any holiday, if you put people together in a space and one of them is infected, you have just put everybody at risk, and unfortunately somebody is going to die,” he said.

Doctors said if you must travel over the holidays, check each state’s cases in the previous seven days.

Remember, this virus is much different than other viruses.