Heavy rain causing flooding on multiple roads

WATCH: Heavy rain causes flooding on multiple Mississippi roads

GRENADA, Miss. — Wednesday's rain has meant flooding for some parts of the Mid-South.

In Quitman County, Mississippi, the emergency management director told us the situation is perilous.

Yesterday, one county road was closed, but now several roads have water over them.

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FOX13’s Tom Dees went back to Quitman County off Red Lake Road.

The trouble is especially on these county roads that are gravel.

You may find one road that is an alternate route, but that route, in a lot of cases, turns out to be flooded as well.

We watched as multiple four-wheel-drive pickup trucks plowed through the water on Red Lake Rd. and threw a wake like a boat as they made their way through the water.

Bennie Williams lives just down the road before it goes under water.

“Just come out in a four-wheel drive, come out, so I need a four-wheel drive to get around, in some areas uh huh,” Williams said.

Quitman County EMA told us with rain still coming down, the situation could get worse.

While trying to get to Hattie Lee Rd., which is flooded out, so many roads ended in water we couldn't get there.

Williams told us he has seen the water a lot worse.

“Matter of fact, last year during the flood, it came up and across the road right here in front of the store and that wasn't bad as a couple of years ago,” Williams said.

How hard it becomes to get around in the county depends on how much water they get here.

“They said Red Lake Rd. is flooded out north of here,” Williams said. “It's delta low lying area. For the last couple of three years we have been having problems with floodwaters.”

Quitman County EMA told us they continue to monitor the flooding.

Right now, Jackson Rd., Hattie Lee Rd., Eason Rd. and Marcelini Rd., Squirrel Lake Rd., Locust Grove Rd., Tatumville Rd., Highway 104e at Rehoboth Church Rd., Highway 105 at Trimble, and Hwy 104e at Welch all have water over them.

And remember: turn around, don’t drown and then once the water goes down these roads are going to remain a muddy mess for a while.

WATCH: Heavy rain causing flooding in Quitman Co. neighborhoods