Heavy rains cause major damage to several roads in Lafayette County

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. — As rain showers are still possible across the Mid-South, some North Mississippi areas continue to see weather-related problems.

In Lafayette County, heavy rain washed out several roads. Beyond that, there is concern that motorists might get hurt.  

Lafayette County Roads Manager Joe Bynum told FOX13 he’s concerned that people have been moving barricades to go down roads that have suffered water damage.

”I would just ask them to not do that because there is a chance that the road could be undermined enough that if any weight gets on it, it could collapse the road, and the car could go down with it,” Bynum said.

Bynum said County Roads 470, 251, 160, and 317 all suffered major damage in the flooding, with 317 getting the worst of it with a culvert completely washed out.

It will be more than a week before the pipe there can be replaced.

”We had to order that pipe, and the company says it will be 9 to 10 days, and we told them it was an emergency,” Bynum said.


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